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I'm not sure about the setup of mochi ads on my site

Feb 28, 2012 (2 years 49 days ago) edited 2 years 49 days ago

Hi folks,

I have a site with games on It is powered by an old AVArcade CMS, version 5.0.1, which was released two years ago [I continued to develop that piece of software, so that now I have a pretty custom CMS with additional stuff that AVArcade does not have].

However, because the conceptual "base" of those scripts is very old - I'm not sure if mochi ads can properly log ads impressions and clicks.

I realised that I needed a crossdomain.xml file, therefor I created it on [that file wasn't existed in AVArcade 5.0.1]

I waited for two days to see statistics, here, on, but the page with statistics is not working at all - which is followed with my my second question - question for support - Please, I'd be very grateful if you could check out my account, because I read that statistics will be back very soon, but they don't appear on my account. Simply, the page is loading for 5 minutes without any results. 2 days have passed, and the page still fails to load...

Beside that, I figured out how does HTML passes my Mochi ID to the SWF file, and I saw this: "....swf?affiliate_id=7d3417ea4adce5fd" - that ID is my Mochi ID.

Is that method still valid, or there is a new method for ID passing?

Example page:

In a combination with crossdomain.xml - is that all I need so mochi ads can log impressions and clicks for my mochi account?

Thanks in advance!

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